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“Whatever It Takes”

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Featuring Kylie Bisutti


A place for authentic community, trusted conversations, and Christ.

for girls ages 14 and up and women of all ages

that you join in from the comfort of your own or a friend’s couch.

Oh, the stories we’ve heard sitting on the couch. Heartbreak, pain, sadness, and joy. Couches absorb our tears and give us comfort. But, the best part about a couch – it doesn?t tell what it’s heard.

What about you?

Is your couch a place for an authentic?community, trusted conversations, and Christ? We are encouraging you to get some snuggly blankets, fluffy pillows, and mugs of hot chocolate, invite some friends over and cultivate a REAL community on your couch. Before you know it, the floor will be filled?with friends who are investing in a community in your very own home!

Now, make some room and invite your friends to join you on your couch Saturday, December 1st 7 pm EST for a live streamed event from the couch of Kylie Bisutti to share secrets, laughter, and Truth.

The event will be live from 7:30-8:30 pm,?but tune in at 7 pm?for some fun interactive activities as we prepare for time on “The Couch”. There will be discussion questions to follow after the live stream?is over!



At age 19, Kylie saw herself on the big screen in Times Square for the first time. Several days later she won the Victoria Secret Angel Runway competition after only a year of modeling. She pursued this lifestyle thinking it would bring her all the things she could desire out of life; fame, fortune, and friends. However, after reaching “the top” and her name being the?number one thing Googled the night she won the contest, she?realized she still had a longing in her heart that hadn’t been?fulfilled.

So, she gave up her modeling career after that achievement. Instead, she began to pursue God and the plans He laid out for her instead of what she thought she wanted and needed. She realized she didn?t need fame to give her contentment; all she needed was already right in front of her. She lived a life that many believe to be?”goals” and now she shares her experiences beyond what meets the eye and the consequences that come with that lifestyle to help others. But, ultimately, she does it to share Truth.





Katie Wolfe aka Empowerment Queen,?has been God’s called to invest in the lives of others. She discovered this calling in the eighth grade as a teacher’s aide to her cheerleading coach’s special needs elementary classroom. In that classroom she found her love for helping, teaching, cheering on & celebrating others. Katie went on to be a?public school teacher for 10 years, a cheerleading coach for 6 years and a mentor from then on.

Katie founded the girls’ mentoring ministry, Get Real inC, to encourage, equip, and empower girls to Get Respected, Educated, Able and Loyal in Christ. She?has used her gift of being the “cheerleader to the people” in multiple ways throughout her life and now, she continues to merge her teaching talents, business brain and ministry heart through Real Reflections.


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