While Katie was leading a girls non-profit mentoring organization for girls, Get REAL inC, a she had the blessing to come alongside Jordan Lee Dooley, the founder of SoulScripts early on in her calling. Jordan's quote and tagline, "Your Brokenness is Welcome Here" spoke to the hearts of people who were inspired to share it with others. They printed that iconic tagline on a few sweatshirts that began to sell like wildfire. Box after box of apparel made its way to Katie's doorstep. Many of the girls she has mentored joined in on the folding, packing, labeling and shipping fun. As this movement gained momentum, Katie's packing crew no longer had room in her home but had to be moved to their own warehouse. Katie knew that another part of encouraging, equipping and empowering girls had just been born as she was now able to provide a safe place for girls to work where they are surrounded by sisters on a mission to live lives not just for themselves but intentionally on purpose for an even greater One.