sarah land



Meet our bubbly Event Coordinator at Real Reflections. Sarah's constant giggly, bubbly personality contagiously fills up the room when she enters. Sarah is an indispensable part of the team giving insight, input and helping hands in any area that is in need. Some may say she works herself to death, but being on the move is what she was made for and it only further reveals per passion for the Lord. Sarah is a Senior at IUPUI in event management and has her own business, Seamless Events by Sarah. In everything she does, Sarah is on fire for the Lord and full of creativity. 

luke land



Where do we even begin to introduce you to Luke?! Luke is an invaluable member of the Real Reflections team bringing his many gifts and talents to the table and helps to bring our many ideas and visions to life. His wit, charm, and sense of style keeps us all on our toes and in tears with his anti-jokes. Not only does Luke play an important part in Real Reflections but is a lead teacher of the 1st – 4th-grade ministry at his church and kills the keys on the keyboard and keytar on the church worship team. Luke recently appeared on The Katie Show and somehow managed to be the first male to go from the interviewee seat to the speaker. This is just a sampling of the REAL Luke and we know great things are to come in and through him. But for now, we're blessed to have him on our team.




Molly Wolfe is her own Individual person who loves the simple life and the 60's. Molly is our vintage vogue girl who is dedicated, openminded, and joyful in all that she does. She processes situations diligently and sees things from multiple perspectives, making her a rational decision maker. Molly loves people, animals, and the 60s. Shes got rocking bangs and owns her own style confident and proud. Molly is the Shipping Specialist at Real Reflections and makes sure every package is in pristine condition before being shipped to your front door. 


all land



Allison is the big sister at Real Reflections. Allison is a dedicated, Jesus loving, hard worker. She is one some may call a "social butterfly" in any environment God puts her in. Allison Graduated from Cincinnati Christian University with a Bachelor of Science and Christian Ministry. At just 26 years old, Allison is fully committed to coming alongside young girls and helping them grow in their faith. Allison is our Shop Manager and has the best handwriting out of the whole team (great for writing item names in the shop).




Aimee is the cool Aunt of the Team. And if you know her, you know she gets the job done. Her dedication to detail Aimee is the mom of two teen girls and has a strong love for people and making a real difference in the world. 




\ Jennifer brings 19 years of experience in corporate advertising specialty and fulfillment to Real Reflections. We don't know what we'd do without her business experience and expertise but most importantly we don't know what we would do without her because of who she is outside of business. Forever giving, caring, sharing and serving with faith much bigger than a mustard seed. 


mak land



As gullible as she may be, Makenzie is one of the sharpest and sweetest girl you'll meet and she doesn't mess around when it comes to the word of God and packaging at Real Reflections. She has truly earned the name "Packing Princess" because of her diligence in perfecting every item that leaves our shop. Those who know Makenzie would say she's a sweet servant, constantly putting others above herself and makes a real difference in the lives of everyone she meets. Makenzie gives 110% in everything she does and is the faithful coordinator, organizer and heart for our Sisters In Scriptures, SIS, program and group.

bella land



Bella, Folding Extraordinaire, handles all of the tricky and specialized foldings that takes place at Real Reflections. Bella's heart for God and knowledge of the Bible is well beyond her age. She passionately digs for truth and shares it with every person she meets.  With a mission-minded head on her shoulders, Bella persists to further God's Kingdom in any way she possibly can and not just in her home, school, community, church and town. This summer alone, Bella went on two mission trips to reach the ends of the earth with the love of Jesus. Bella loves the Lord with all her heart, mind, soul and little self and takes advantage of every opportunity she has to tell and show others how BIG her God is.  

jaz land



Jazmynn isn't just supporting, she's uplifting, energetic and brings laughter, joy, and great ideas to the Real Reflections team, as well as everywhere she goes. Jaz brings new perspective and insight into problems, situations, and projects with her sharp problem solving skills! Not only is she one of the top-ranked students academically in her high school class but she excels in all she does.  She goes the extra mile to make all feel welcome, needed and loved. It's hard to find her in one spot very long as she is our social butterfly. 




This LA gal doesn't bring real drama to the team because she saves it for the screen. Her helping hands match her big heart and no matter where she is, she plays a very important part. 

del land



Delaney is also part of the Support Team at Real Reflections. She has proven to be the "Go to Girl" with her constant support and encouragement. Not only is Delaney a strong leader and example to her peers but also to younger girls. Delaney served this year at the Get REAL inC Save the Drama for the Stage camp as Emcee for the week, using her gift in leadership to engage the audience in a week full of Jesus-filled fun! Delaney marches to the beat of Jesus' drum playing the cymbals in her school's drumline and marches to God's beat while playing her saxophone in her school's marching band.