Hi friend! You are ok that I call you friend, right? I mean we may not have officially met yet but we might be friends on Facebook or followers on Instagram, tweeters on Twitter or pinned on Pinterest and that would make us friends, right? Or would it? Today's social media-driven world we seem to have lots of friends but are those people connected to your accounts really your friend.

The definition of a friend is a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection. The "friend" world of social media allow us to Instagram to be seen, Tweet to be heard, Snap to chat, Pin to interest, Post to prove, impress & inform. Does all of that create a mutual bond? And when we share only a portion of ourselves or what we want others to perceive of us, they don't really know us. 

Typically, we want to know others but do we really want to be known? I think we really do and guess what? You are already known and loved. Take a journey through Psalm 139 to learn more about The One who knows you and wants to be known by you.

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