“The influences and pressures of being a teen can be overwhelming and consuming. A girl finds herself needing to talk to someone who has been there, done that and survived. Someone that she can look up to and trust whenever she needs advice or just someone to listen. Get REAL inC connects teens with God loving & honoring women and peers within a community who are willing to be transparent about their own trials and struggles and be a trusted person to go to when in need of help. That's why I founded Get Real inC.” -Founder, Katie Wolfe


Get REAL inC is a nonprofit 501c3 ministry founded by Katie Wolfe, the lead reflector of Real Reflections. The organization exists to encourage, equip and empower girls to Get REAL in Christ.

Get REAL inC transcends culture, economic levels, church denominations, etc. We are partners with parents, churches, and communities as we all work to train the next generation.

Get REAL inC is for girls in grades 2-12 and women of all ages who are striving to honor Christ in their everyday lives. We are taking off the masks, leaving behind the fake, and joining together to navigate life.  It is a place for young women to surround themselves with other young women and mentors who will build them up and point them to Christ.

“It’s easier to build a strong girl than to repair a broken woman.”

Get REAL inC is a place to  . . .

  • belong
  • feel loved
  • be encouraged
  • make friends
  • grow and learn together
  • laugh
  • be real
  • be strengthened
  • work together to do GREAT things

Relevant – Relational – Real